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BCS Heating and Cooling began in 2014 as a locally and family owned business and has grown by providing honest and reliable service throughout Central Arizona. The BCS professionals can service all heating and cooling system brands and are specially trained to handle any job you throw our way – big or small. You can trust our technicians to get the job done right the first time, and you’ll never need to worry about surprises on the bill. Our pricing is transparent , and you can even ask about financing options for larger jobs. Don’t suffer another minute with HVAC systems that are not working properly. Call us now at (928) 910-8291 to find out why so many customers trust BCS as their go to HVAC company in Prescott, AZ.

Our services

Arizona summers get blistering hot, and air conditioning repairs often quickly become an emergency situation. And when winter temperatures dip into the 40s, you want to be sure that you have a working heater so that you and your family are comfortable.  Our fully licensed and certified HVAC technicians will assist you with the heating and cooling needs for your home or business as quickly as possible any time of the year. We know that you want us there when you need us, so we offer emergency services. You can trust our technicians to get the job done right the first time, and you’ll never need to worry about surprises on the bill. We can respond quickly and offer a wide range of HVAC services in Prescott, AZ. Whether you need a simple repair or a more complicated installation, BCS can get it done. Call (928) 910-8291 to speak with an expert technician and get an estimate today.

Leave It To The Professionals at BCS

While it may be tempting to try an HVAC repair on your own, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Our licensed BCS technicians will ensure the job is done accurately, quickly and safely so that you and your family can go back to your daily household activities in the comfort you deserve. Call us today to get the HVAC support you need!

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HVAC Commercial Services

Commercial buildings have very specific regulations and requirements regarding HVAC in Prescott, AZ. Our technicians understand the commercial building codes and keep you in compliance while also saving your business money. In addition, HVAC commercial services in Prescott, AZ will ensure that people feel comfortable when they come to do business with you.

Call BCS Heating and Cooling at (928) 910-8292 to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians today!

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AC Repair

You trust your AC to provide cold air for your home. When that stops happening, it can make your home uncomfortable.

Some of the most common reasons our customers call for AC repair in Prescott, AZ include:

  • Leaks
  • Wiring problems
  • Dirty components
  • Broken components
  • Fan malfunction
  • Excessive condensation/moisture

A technician from our experienced HVAC company in Prescott, AZ will come to examine the situation with your system and give you options on how to proceed.

You can opt for repairs as opposed to replacing the complete system if it still has a while to go with its life expectancy and the problem is minor.

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AC Installation/Replacement

Air Conditioners can last up to 20 years. However, it will need to be replaced eventually. When it’s time for an AC installation or replacement in Prescott, AZ, you have some important decisions to make.

One major consideration is whether you want to buy an expensive unit with a higher efficiency rating that will save you money in the long run or a less expensive unit that will cost you more each month. If you plan to stay in your home for at least a few years, the higher initial investment will pay off in the end. However, a cheaper unit can make more sense if you plan to sell soon. Many buyers look for efficiency when buying a home, so the larger investment may be worth it in the end. All units have a SEER rating that will help you determine how efficient each one is.

When buying equipment for HVAC in Prescott, AZ, you need to make sure you buy the proper size. One of our technicians will go over sizing your air conditioner properly and showing you the different options that fit your home.

It keeps you cozy when it’s cold, and it keeps you cool when it’s scorching outside. If your appliance can’t do any of those things, then you’re going to be suffering, and we don’t want that. If you notice strange sounds coming from your HVAC or it’s not providing the same quality of air control it normally does, take these as signs.

Give us a call to avoid any hiccups. We’ve been providing AC repair and replacement services in Helena, MT for some time, and we’ve dealt with all sorts of problems. If everything seems to be running fine, then just call for regular maintenance to avoid costly issues. Plus, maintenance helps improve air quality at home, and that’s good for everyone.

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Heat Pumps

There are two main options for AC, air conditioning and heat pumps. Heat pumps can provide heat while air conditioning cannot. While heat may not seem important in Arizona, the average high and low in February are 63.6 degrees and 44.6 degrees. That’s why many get heat pump installation.

People in Arizona need their heat pump in Prescott, AZ to work, even in the summer. Along with its heating abilities in the winter, it helps cool your home in the summer. A heat pump is installed outside of your home and uses thermal energy to create the desired results to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

With the condenser outside, it leaves the heat pump vulnerable to more damage than an indoor air conditioner. Animals, plants, and the elements can all cause a problem suddenly or over an extended period.

Call for HVAC services in Prescott, AZ from BCS Heating and Cooling when you need heat pump repair.

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Furnace Repair/Installation

The furnace in your home will heat your home in the winter and can even attach to your water heater to warm up your home’s water, too. Furnaces run off gas, electricity, or oil to create direct heat, as opposed to boilers that use hot water as a source of secondary heat.

Gas furnaces require proper ventilation to send the fumes from the gas outside instead of allowing the fumes to build up in your home. Without proper ventilation, carbon monoxide can lead to illness or even death. A gas leak is the most important reason for furnace repair, but you may also have trouble with the unit not igniting or constantly shutting down.

Furnaces can last over 20 years, but when you need furnace repair/installation in Prescott, AZ, we will get the job done.

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HVAC Maintenance Agreements

Every good HVAC company in Prescott, AZ offers a high-quality maintenance agreement to keep all home comfort devices working at top efficiency and prolong their life.

Your air conditioner and heat pump suck in debris and dust from the air. When the unit gets clogged, the unit won’t deliver air to you with the same previous ferocity. It can even blow the dust back into the home, affecting your indoor air quality. In addition, if you do not get maintenance, your dirty unit can slowly build up dust, making the components struggle to work normally.

With HVAC maintenance agreements in Prescott, AZ, you don’t need to worry about scheduling for service. Instead, one of our technicians will automatically inspect and clean your equipment. As a result, you will be more comfortable and save money in the long run. If the maintenance technician does find a problem, you will also get savings on repairs as part of your agreement.

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