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Melanie Underwood
Melanie Underwood
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" BCS is the most honest and fair company around. I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful unit that you helped us upgrade to today. Keeping our family warm and giving us some much needed hope from 2020. I will continue to refer you always. "
Nathan Cooper
Nathan Cooper
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" So after having a nightmare experience with @Yavapai Plumbing and Heating" I called BCS Heating and Cooling. He worked his butt off to fix my system and unlike YPH he knew what he was doing. He has a customer for life!!! He did an amazing job and was at my house within 24 hours of me calling. I cannot prais BCS Heating and cooling enough! "
LeighAnne VanDyke
LeighAnne VanDyke
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" Thank you BCS Heating and Cooling for your prompt response time in the replacement of our heating and cooling system during these 100 degree days. We couldn't be more pleased with your service and expertise. Damien and Chuck are the best! "

Furnace Repair and Installation in Prescott, AZ

Locally owned and operated since day one, BCS Heating and Cooling has been providing furnace repair and furnace installation in Prescott, AZ for years. Over the course of our company’s history, we have established a reputation for providing unrivaled customer service and an exceptional quality of work while keeping all of our pricing competitive and honest. Integrity drives everything we do at BCS Heating and Cooling. Not only does that mean that you never have to worry about paying for something that you don’t need, but it also means that you can be confident that all of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Common Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Having a reliable furnace in Prescott, AZ not only ensures that you and your family are comfortable when temperatures start dropping, but it also means that your home is safe from gas leaks and electrical fires that can come from a malfunctioning furnace. While our team can handle all types of furnace repair in Prescott, AZ, some problems are more common than others. So while you should never try to repair your own furnace, you can troubleshoot things to get a better understanding of what’s wrong with your furnace.

For instance, if you notice that your pilot light won’t say on, there may be something wrong with your thermocouple, or there could be a clog somewhere in your furnace. A blower motor that never stops running usually stems from a faulty limit switch that needs to be replaced. Finally, a furnace that doesn’t produce enough heat may have dirty filters or clogged airflow. Alternatively, it may be the wrong size furnace for the square footage of your home. Whether your furnace operates on gas or electricity, our team of service technicians can repair all types of furnaces in Prescott, AZ.

Top rated furnace repair and installation is just one call away to (928) 910-8292!

Signs You Should Replace Your Furnace

In some cases, a new furnace is a better investment than repairing your current furnace. For instance, most furnaces in Prescott, AZ last somewhere between 10 and 15 years. If your furnace is older than that, it’s probably a good idea to start planning on installing a new furnace sooner rather than later. Also, if you notice that you’re spending more on repair costs than you were before, you may be better served by installing a new furnace that doesn’t have as much wear and tear. Finally, if your current furnace struggles to adequately heat your entire home, a new energy-efficient furnace may supply better home heating at a lower monthly cost than your current furnace provides.

Why You Should Trust the Pros

Whether you’re considering installing a new furnace or your current furnace needs repairing, there is never a good time for you to handle any type of furnace work on your own. First of all, it’s simply not safe. Whether your furnace relies on electricity or gas, there is no safe way for you to work on it without proper training. Not only could you electrocute yourself, but you could expose your family to the risk of a gas leak or a house fire. Additionally, repairing or installing your own furnace may void the warranty that protects you from the cost of replacement parts. Most warranties have conditions that dictate that only a licensed HVAC technician perform work on the system. Finally, without the proper training, you may end up costing yourself more money by installing the system incorrectly, diminishing its energy efficiency. With so many potential issues, it’s always a better idea to trust the pros at BCS Heating and Cooling to handle all of your furnace needs.

What Sets Us Apart

We understand that there are plenty of companies vying for your business. However, we believe that our unparalleled commitment to customer service, our satisfaction guarantee, and our up-front pricing method sets us apart from our competitors. When you need any type of furnace repair or installation performed in your home, trust the team at BCS Heating and Cooling to get the job done for you. Call us today at (928) 910-8292 and find out why we’re the go-to source for furnace services in Prescott, AZ and the surrounding areas.



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