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Melanie Underwood
Melanie Underwood
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" BCS is the most honest and fair company around. I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful unit that you helped us upgrade to today. Keeping our family warm and giving us some much needed hope from 2020. I will continue to refer you always. "
Nathan Cooper
Nathan Cooper
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" So after having a nightmare experience with @Yavapai Plumbing and Heating" I called BCS Heating and Cooling. He worked his butt off to fix my system and unlike YPH he knew what he was doing. He has a customer for life!!! He did an amazing job and was at my house within 24 hours of me calling. I cannot prais BCS Heating and cooling enough! "
LeighAnne VanDyke
LeighAnne VanDyke
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" Thank you BCS Heating and Cooling for your prompt response time in the replacement of our heating and cooling system during these 100 degree days. We couldn't be more pleased with your service and expertise. Damien and Chuck are the best! "

Commercial HVAC Services

At BCS Heating and Cooling, we’re ready to provide you with top-notch commercial HVAC services in Prescott, AZ. Proper climate control of your commercial building is essential to the safety, well-being and comfort of your employees, guests, customers, business partners and others who may enter the facility. When you choose BCS Heating and Cooling to provide your commercial HVAC maintenance, repair and installation services in Prescott, AZ, you’ll benefit from our fast service, honest pricing, professional staff and fully licensed technicians.

Why Commercial HVAC Services Are Important

Arizona’s hot, dry climate means that your commercial HVAC system will have an immense workload between March and November. Even during the winter months of the year, you may need to alternate between heating and cooling for your building. The last thing you’ll want to deal with is a malfunctioning HVAC system that makes it impossible to conduct business.

We offer service for all types of businesses and buildings in Prescott, AZ. Our experience includes maintaining, repairing and installing commercial HVAC systems for offices, schools, stores, hospitals, community centers, government buildings and more. We provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning services for warehouses, manufacturing and industrial facilities. No matter how large your building is or how many levels it has, you can count on us at BCS Heating and Cooling to ensure year-round temperature and humidity control.

Contact your local commercial HVAC contractor in Prescott, AZ today for service: (928) 910-8292!

Types of Commercial HVAC Installations We Offer

BCS Heating and Cooling is proud to offer high-quality commercial HVAC installations in Prescott, AZ. We begin the process by working with you to determine the right size and capacity of HVAC equipment. We’ll also survey your commercial property in order to identify the best location for the system. We take into account the types of equipment in your facility, the number of people occupying the space, which types of heat-generating activities occur in the building, the amount of direct sunlight and the materials used to construct your building.

We’ll also explain the different types of systems that may meet your needs. If you’re in need of a new cooling system, we’ll explain the options, such as a split system, heat pump or rooftop air conditioner. We’ll also explain the costs of operation, maintenance needs and typical lifespan of each system type. Each business and building is different, and you’ll receive a personalized recommendation based on your situation.

About Our Commercial HVAC Maintenance and Repair Services

A well-maintained commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning system lasts longer, provides better temperature, air flow and humidity control and costs less to operate. The complexity of commercial HVAC systems means that it’s important to choose skilled technicians in Prescott, AZ to handle these critical tasks for you. Each of our BCS Heating and Cooling technicians is trained and certified on how to maintain all makes and models of commercial HVAC systems. In this desert climate, we recommend two or three air conditioning maintenance visits each year and one heating system maintenance visit.

Even with regular preventive maintenance, it’s possible for a part to wear out or fail. If this happens in your Prescott, AZ business, you don’t want to wait long for a repair. At BCS Heating and Cooling, we offer prompt commercial HVAC repairs in Prescott, AZ 24/7/365. Our technicians quickly troubleshoot the problem, identify the best solution and explain it to you. We provide you with a written estimate that includes transparent pricing for all repairs. If you agree to our plan, we’ll immediately start fixing your commercial HVAC system. We guarantee all of the repairs we perform in Prescott, AZ.

Dependable Commercial HVAC Contractors

Our commercial HVAC contractors in Prescott, AZ will ensure that your HVAC equipment in Prescott, AZ works effectively and efficiently all year long. A well-maintained HVAC system lasts longer, and it ensures continuity of your business operations. Our rapid response time for repairs and installations means that comfort will be restored to your facility as quickly as possible. We respect your time and property, and we’re always available to answer any questions you have about your commercial HVAC system. To learn more about our reliable commercial HVAC contractors in Prescott, AZ, contact us at (928) 910-8292 today.



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